ATTENTION: Covid-19 has delayed delivery times, please be patient and be aware delivery times may vary, thank you for your support.




LPOGroup has partnered with COVID Masks Australia to stock and supply Australians with Australian made reusable 3 layer face masks.

We would urge all customers to go to your local LPO and purchase your Australian made face masks in store, (A Licensed Post Office, LPO) is a privately-owned post office which is operated under contract (licence) to Australia Post.

With this partnership LPO’s will start stocking Australian made face masks making it easy for the general public the purchase these masks without the delay attached to online purchasing, there are 3,000 LPO’s around Australia & with some of them starting to stock Australian made face masks we believe it will be a much better alternative to purchase in store then online.

There are several manufacturers around Australia making these masks that will be available at the LPO's, your support will keep them in business during these uncertain times.

Thank you for supporting Australian Made & Australian Owned